Umbrella Insurance

When you own an auto repair business, liability issues are everywhere. Umbrella insurance policies could help protect you from liability issues that go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies.

This policy generally offers an additional layer of protection when you exceed the liability coverage limits on your primary insurance liability coverage, such as general liability and employer’s liability. In the auto repair business, it is crucial to have extended umbrella insurance. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this coverage if your operation is in Massachusetts and Rhode Island or anywhere else in New England.

Within the auto repair business, there are many potential hazards to contend with. If you or an employee end up causing bodily injury or property damage, the cost to your company could be staggering. That’s why your garage needs to consider umbrella insurance. While it doesn’t respond to all liability claim situations, it may just add that layer of protection that you have been looking for. Massachusetts auto repair companies, and companies throughout New England need to be consider this excess insurance.

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