The Benefits of Toxic Paint & Solvent Reduction

In this day and age, going green in your shop is the way to go. Going green does not only mean a reduction of costs for your auto body and repair shop, but more importantly it reduces health hazards and possible risks down the line. Besides being safer for your own workers, it is also beneficial to the customers that come in and out of your shop. A safer way of working is the way to go, especially if that means more business for you in the end!

While we may be your go-to for information on garage insurance policies and coverage, we are also here to help you lower risks in your business and keep hazards to a minimum. That being said, we have put together a quick list. Here are just a few benefits of using less toxic paints and solvents:
• Toxic paints and solvents have been shown to negatively affect health over time. Both your workers and even customers may suffer health issues down the line.
• Going green reduces the risk of lung cancer.
• Reduces worker and customer exposure to hazardous air pollutants.
• Reduces the cost of hazardous waste disposal.
• Lowers the chance of spills, lowering the number of slips and falls.
Trust us; Americans are on the prowl for green businesses these days. If your business can hop on the green band wagon now, you may start growing sooner than later!
As we mentioned before, going green will not only mean a growing clientele. The less toxic chemicals and solvents you use in your shop, the less pollution, mishaps, accidents, and claims… the benefits are endless! Of course, the lower the number of claims made in your shop may mean a lower garage insurance premium. If you are wondering how going green may affect your premium, contact our agency! We would be happy to discuss with you.