If you are the owner of a garage or auto body repair shop, you know that the risks are endless, whether they are liability risks or environmental risks. Luckily, you have garage insurance in place to take care of accidents and injuries on the job site, but it is up to you to handle and lower the risks that affect the environment.

Last week, we discussed the importance of recycling solvents in your auto body shop. We focused the blog on recycling solvents on-site but this week, we are focusing on recycling solvents off-site. Here are a few things you should know:
• If you decide to ship solvent waste to an off-site location, look for a facility that processes waste solvent and returns clean solvent to you.
• If you cannot find a facility that does this, look for one that recycles for reuse as cleaning or other solvent, not fuel!
• Make sure that the recycler that you choose is permitted by Department of Toxic Substances Control. You may want to check their compliance history, as well.
• Off-site solvent recycling may cost up to $18,000/year.
• If you are an off-site recycler, you are in charge of obtaining all essential permits and maintaining regulatory compliance at the facility.
Whether you recycle solvents on-site or off-site, you are still doing your part to recycle and save. At Wolpert Insurance, we believe that you should constantly be looking to improve your business. Recycling solvents is beneficial, so what are you waiting for?
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Happy recycling!


As the owner of an auto body and repair shop, you realize that the industry you work in is not always environmentally friendly, especially if you are not mindful! With such a significant amount of paint thinner and solvent for spray gun cleaning, it is important that you find ways to recycle instead of wasting. Do you know that recycling solvent on-site may help reduce regulatory requirements and future liability, and even save money!

While we may be your garage insurance experts, we also have a thing or two to share about recycling solvents on-site.
• You may be able to save on purchases as much as 80% by recycling solvents on-site.
• There are a variety of methods and recycling equipment to choose from. There are even some units that can be integrated with a paint gun cleaner. This tool makes it easier to transfer the recycled solvent back to the cleaning unit without pouring or handling.
• If you decide to recycle solvent on-site, the recycled solvent should only be used for paint spray gun cleaning.
• Be careful! The distillation unit will heat the solvent, meaning a potential fire hazard.
• Check with the local Fire Department before going ahead with on-site recycling. Some recycled solvents may exceed air district limitations on VOC content.
As you can see, recycling solvents on-site has its benefits, but it is always important to be cautious and careful. If not, you could be facing an accident or injury. For unexpected accidents, our garage insurance will be there to back you up. Our Massachusetts insurance agency can provide you with unique policies, including garage liability insurance, equipment and tools coverage, commercial property coverage, workers compensation and much more.
Be sure to come back next week for a blog on recycling solvents off-site!

OSHA Safety Tips: The Use of Solvents in your Garage

As the owner of an auto body and repair shop, you should realize the importance of reducing hazardous air pollutants. Particle pollution, volatile organic compounds and other air pollutants will not only affect your employees in the shop, but even your customers. While your garage insurance comes equipped with workers compensation for the times your employees are injured or need medical attention, it is still best to protect them from these hazards.

One way to reduce the emissions of these pollutants: reduce the use of solvents in your garage. Millions of workers across the nation are exposed to solvents on a daily basis. According to OSHA, “health hazards associated with solvent exposure include toxicity to the nervous system, reproductive damage, liver and kidney damage, respiratory impairment, cancer and dermatitis.” That being said, we have a few ways for your garage to reduce the use of solvents:
• Opt for an enclosed solvent gun washing system. This will help reduce evaporation when you are cleaning equipment.
• Use a water-based cleaning system instead of using solvent-based cleaners. For example: hot soap washers.
• When the cleaner is not in use, turn it off. This will also reduce evaporation.
• Go green by recycling old solvent! You can do this by using an on-site distillation unit.
At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure that the work environment you expose your workers to is not hazardous to their health. By reducing the use of solvents, you could be avoiding a workers’ compensation claim in the near future. However, if a claim is inevitable, our unique garage insurance program will have you covered! This program is designed to protect both you and your employees from the unique risks in your shop, giving you the option to purchase workers compensation, automobile insurance, employment liability, property insurance, umbrella insurance and much more. Contact our agency today to learn more and grab a free quote.
Be sure to come back next week; we will be discussing solvent recycling!

Are Your Employees Qualified to Drive CMVs?

As the owner of a garage and auto body shop, it is important that you protect your company. Of course, having the proper garage insurance policies in place will help protect your assets and operations. Of course for employees, they are covered with workers compensation and receive benefits, but protection runs much deeper than coverage.
Are all of your workers certified or qualified in all areas of your business? For example, if any of your employees operates a vehicle that weighs over 10,000 lbs, they must be DOT certified. If not, in addition to being held liable for any accidents or damages that happen, you will more than likely face a large lawsuit and DOT fines. To avoid this from happening, it is important to meet the DOT driver qualification standards for any employees who may be operating CMVs. This means, among other things, that:
• Drivers must be medically certified every other year to be in good health and physically able to perform all duties of a driver;
• Be at least 21 years of age;
• Be able to drive the vehicle safely;
• Must have a valid driver’s license;
• Pass a driver’s road test or equivalent;
• Have their 10-year motor vehicle driving history reviewed and approved;
• Before operating equipment 26,001 pounds or more, they must have a valid Commercial drivers license (CDL), be drug tested and have a passing result and be entered into a pool for random drug tests.
Sure, not all of your employees may be moving and driving CMVs but those who will need to be DOT qualified!
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