The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

It is no secret that there are high levels of toxic chemicals and materials in an auto body and repair shop. After all, there are a number of chemicals that are needed during the repair process! Consequently, most shops are subject to both state and federal air quality regulations.

As a shop owner, are you aware of the importance of indoor air quality? There are indoor air quality standards that must be met! This week, our agency would like to discuss the need for a carbon air filter. Having a high-quality carbon air filter in your garage will not only meet environmental air quality and health safety requirements, but it will keep your employees (and yourself) safe from toxicity levels.

How do you know if your shop will benefit from a carbon air filter? Here is a simple checklist to look over:

  • Your employees service and repair motor vehicle at your place of business
  • Your employees use paint products on metal surfaces
  • Your shop emits VOCs
  • Your shop is full of chemicals and solvents that are subject to explosions, fires, and other hazards
  • You provide air-condition repair services
  • You use plastic and/or synthetic materials on a daily basis

Improving indoor air quality is a necessity for auto body and repair shop owners. If you have ANY questions or concerns at all about this, do not hesitate to reach out to our agency.

At Wolpert Insurance, we not only pride ourselves in our understanding of garage insurance, but our knowledge of the industry. We urge you to give us a call today to learn more about the ways that you can keep your shop safe!