Avoid a Faulty Workmanship Claim

As the owner of an auto body shop and garage, it is important to understand that your business could face a faulty workmanship claim at any time. While both you and your employees are more than likely highly skilled professionals, mistakes may still happen. Have you considered preparing for a faulty workmanship claim by purchasing the right insurance?
Many times, coverage will NOT protect you from faulty workmanship. Take this case for example:
Your shop repairs a water pump for a client. Once it is complete, the client goes about their business. A few days later, the client notices that a warning light has turned on, and then another and another; the car suddenly stops running. The outcome: your shop has improperly installed the water pump and the motor has stopped running due to overheating.
Without the proper garage insurance in place, this type of scenario may not be covered. Coverage for this kind of loss may differ depending upon a given insurer’s interpretation of a garage policy exclusion. For example, the policy that your shop may have may contain an exclusion which denies property damage for “faulty work.” For more information on how to protect your shop from a faulty workmanship claim, contact our agency. Our experts at Wolpert Insurance would be happy to speak with you and make sure you are always 100% protected.