The Importance of MSD Sheets and Gloves in the Workplace

As an auto body repair shop, it is not uncommon for workers to have to tackle a paint job. As the owner of the shop, it is important that you hire individuals who are qualified to do this, making sure the job is done as professional and clean as possible. It is also your responsibility to provide the gear and equipment in order to get the job done safely. Those who handle paint materials should always wear the right gloves!

This week, we have some advice to share from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

According to EPA, “chemicals in paint can pass through skin and enter your body. Some of these chemicals can cause health problems, even in small amounts. For protection, wear chemical-protective gloves every time you handle paint materials, especially during paint mixing, spraying and gun cleaning.”

EPA also put together a list of the products in your shop that gloves should protect your workers from. These products in your shop include: thinners, primers, basecoats, clearcoats and hardeners. These products may contain toxic chemicals such as ethyl acetate, toluene, barium sulfate, xylene, metallic pigments, titanium dioxide, ethylbenzene and much more.

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is based on a simple concept – that employees have both a need and a right to know the hazards and identities of the chemicals they are exposed to when working. They also need to know what protective measures are available to prevent adverse effects from occurring. OSHA designed the HCS to provide employees with the information they need to know.

So what responsibilities does an employer have?

• Identify and list hazardous chemicals in their workplaces.

• Obtain MSDS’s (Material Safety Data Sheets) and labels for each hazardous chemical, if not provided by the manufacturer, importer, or distributor.

• Develop and implement a written hazard communication program, including labels, MSDS’s, and employee training, on the list of chemicals, MSDS’s and label information.

• Communicate hazard information to their employees through labels, MSDS’s, and formal training programs.

Need more info? Visit the OSHA website for a pamphlet explaining your responsibilities.

Need help getting together a written safety plan, you can obtain a kit from OSHA for $1.00 or call us at Wolpert Insurance. WE can help you!

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure your employees are safe from these potential health hazards. If not, your workers may be filing a claim for workers compensation much sooner than later. If you are concerned about the coverage in your garage, do not hesitate to speak with us about the auto body shop insurance policies we can provide your unique shop with.

Until then, be sure to come back next week when we will be discussing what types of gloves are best for automobile painters!