Common Best Practices for Maintaining Safety in Your Auto Shop

Owning an auto shop isn’t easy, and one thing owners have to keep in mind at all times is safety. There are a variety of issues that can befall an auto shop at any given time, so being aware of what can happen should be mandatory in your business. Otherwise, you may need to file a claim on your auto garage insurance. Here is a list of seven simple, yet effective ways for employees to stay safe:

1.    Unauthorized people should never be allowed to use any shop equipment whatsoever. Unauthorized individuals should also be prohibited from visiting or loitering in the actual shop.
2.    Never leave a machine operating while it is unattended. An employee who walks by a machine, or goes to use it who is unaware that is already on, may risk injury.
3.    Check emergency equipment, including emergency lighting, first aid kits, fire extinguishers and eye wash stations at least every month. It’s important to make sure things such as first aid kits are always fully stocked with bandages, tape, ointments and other first aid items so when the time comes to use them, they are available. Also, fire extinguishers should be 100% full at all times.
4.    Check all hand tools, power tools and large shop equipment for damages or general wear and tear. You may find that you need to order replacement parts, cords or guards. Power tools and equipment that are damaged should never be used because they could malfunction.
5.    Maintain good safety practices, including:
•    Clean- up spills immediately.
•    Keep walkways and stairs free of tripping hazards.
•    Properly store oily/dirty rags in a container and empty the container every night.
•    Remove excess oils and filings from your shop machinery to keep them clean and safe for use.
6.    Make sure employees never wear jewelry or loose clothing when using machinery, especially those that rotate.
7.    Let it be known that if employees are confused about anything pertaining to your auto shops safety procedures , they should contact a supervisor or another co-worker for assistance.

At Wolpert Insurance & Risk Management, we want auto shop owners to understand that maintaining proper safety in their place of business is paramount to maintaining success for the future. For more information about shop safety or auto shop insurance, contact us today for more information.