OSHA Regulations for Auto Mechanics and Shops

Owning an auto repair shop requires you to be on your feet at all times in regards to proper management and safety surrounding your business. Since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration acts as a governing body of all physical laborers, you may want to keep their guidelines in mind and how they affect your business operations or auto garage insurance. Here is a list of the same standard regulations concerning auto repair shops:

Spray Finishing

OSHA regulations say that spraying operations should have spray booths that direct fumes toward an exhaust or ventilation system. Spray booths should be built mostly out of steel or concrete, although for low-volume operations aluminum, spray booths are sufficient. Employers should provide chemical labors and warnings, training on how to safely use workplace chemicals and safety data sheets for employees.

Personal Protection Equipment

OSHA regulations say that workers should always use protective equipment to avoid any health and safety risks from chemicals and machines that could cause injury. As an employer, it’s important that you assess workplace hazards and decide whether or not employees need to use protective equipment, depending on the task. In the auto repair industry, workers may need respirators to avoid toxic fumes and flame-resistant clothing, gloves or boots to protect themselves.

Chemical Hazards

Auto mechanics use many hazardous chemicals, including fuels, paints, solvents and oils. OSHA regulations require chemical manufacturers to assess and communicate hazards to their buyers. Employers must let workers know about the risks of using chemicals. Employers should provide warnings and training on how to safely use workplace chemicals.

Fire extinguishers

Employers of workplaces without specific fire alarm and evacuation procedures must install fire extinguishers in the workplace, according to OSHA. All employees must have easy access to fire extinguishers while making sure they are mounted in a safe place. Employers must maintain fire extinguishers in working condition and keep them closest to the places in which a fire would most likely occur.

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