Auto Garage Fire Safety Checklist

Operating an auto garage carries a lot of risk, and while we’re sure you’re aware of everything there is to know about safety, we want you to take the time to ensure your fire safety practices are up to the highest standard. Fires can break out in any type of business, regardless of the profession, but especially in auto shops. If you’re not careful, you may be looking at a claim on your auto repair shop insurance.

Since your auto shop is dealing with a variety of electrical equipment, the chance for a fire is significant and should be addressed. Here is a general fire safety checklist for your company and employees to follow:


•    First, the exterior of your building should have its address prominently displayed so the fire department can better locate your business if they are called upon.

•    Check your business’ proximity to fire hydrants; this will be important for the fire department to know if they need to use them.

Fire Suppression Equipment:

•    Your fire extinguishers should always be fully charged and easily accessible if there’s ever a sudden fire. If you have them in hard to reach places then employees will have a hard time locating them immediately and as quickly as possible. The location of each one is crucial, and there should be a variety of them scattered throughout your business. Additionally, extinguishers should be inspected annually to make sure they are still in working order and are in optimum condition.

•    If your auto garage has a sprinkler system, make sure no objects are obstructing it from doing its job. Also, make sure important items are within the radius of the sprinkler system so if they ever catch on fire, they are protected.

Fire Alarms:

•    By law, all businesses in Massachusetts are required to have fire or smoke alarms on their premises, so it’s important to check them on a regular basis to make sure they are in working order. Usually, a fire alarm will beep when it needs a new battery, but you should check them periodically regardless.

Exits, walkways and aisles:

•    Paths to fire control equipment (extinguishers, fire alarm control center) should be unobstructed for easy use.

•    Your company should have fire exits and they should always be unlocked and not sealed with a padlock or any other locking mechanism.

Your auto garage’s fire safety protocol is important to not only your employees, but your customers as well. If you have more questions about fire safety or general auto shop safety, give us a call today.