BE AWARE! Chemicals in Your Shop That are Harmful to Workers

In the automotive service and repair industry, chemicals are a crucial part of the business. Cleaning chemicals, spray paints, and even gases are used on a daily basis. As the owner of your own shop, it is critical to be aware of which chemicals in your shop are considered hazardous. As long as you are “in the know,” you will be able to take the proper preventative measures to keep both yourself and your employees safe.

There are a variety of hazardous chemicals that you must be careful with. Here are just a few to be aware of:

•    Acids: Battery acid contains a harmful chemical, sulphuric acid.

•    Aluminum cleaners: These types of cleaners in your shop contain a highly dangerous hydrofluoric acid.

•    Benezene vapors: This volatile organic compound is commonly found in auto repair shops but can be handled effectively with the right air filters in place.

•    Solvent cleaners: Substances like kerosene and turpentine contain hazardous ingredients, such as xylene.

•    Solvent degreasers: This type of solvent may contain turpentine (containing xylene) and methylene chloride.

As your trusted garage insurance provider, we want to make sure that you eliminate the risk of accidents and injuries as best as possible in your shop. The more claims made on your policy, the higher your premium may be in the long run. We wouldn’t want to see that happen!

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