Right to Know Law: Training Requirements

Over the past month, we have zoned in on the Right to Know Law. This is an important law to be familiar with – especially as the owner of an auto body repair shop and garage. If you have missed the first few blogs, do not hesitate to look back! If you have been following right along, it is about that time to wrap it up.

To wrap this discussion, we will be discussing training requirements.

Truth be told, auto mechanic training is not the ONLY training that your employees will need. According to the Right to Know Law, employees who are being exposed to chemical hazards must be trained ANNUALLY. There are a few guidelines to be aware of…

1.    If you have a new employee, the initial training must be done within 30 days of their hire date.

2.    You must keep record of this training. It should include: A description of the training given, the date of the training, and the names of the instructor and employees who attended the training.

3.    The record MUST be kept for the duration of the employment.

As for the training itself, there are always a few guidelines. For one, it must address a summary of your employees’ rights under the Right to Know Law. Also, it should include information on how to read a material safety data sheet (MSDS.) Last but certainly not least, the training MUST inform the employees of specific hazards and safe work practices for avoiding such hazards. This is essentially the main point of the training! If you are not careful, you may be filing a claim on your garage insurance much sooner than later.

To conclude, our agents hope that you not only realize how important the Right to Know Law is to your field and industry, but we hope that you have a full understanding of it as well. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you should contact our agents at Wolpert Insurance. We would be happy to give you better insight!

Thank you so much for reading this series and please, come back for more!