Does OSHA Really Require Employers to Keep MSDSs for 30 Years?

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This week’s question:

Are employers REQUIRED to hold on to material safety data sheets for 30 years?

This question is often up for debate. This week, Wolpert Insurance is here with the answer.

NO, you are not required to keep MDSDs for 30 years. HOWEVER, you ARE required to keep some record of the identity of the substance or agents to which employees are exposed to, for at least 30 years. If you choose NOT to keep the actual material safety data sheets, you will need to have the following information on the chemical:

  •  Chemical Name
    •    Info on where and when it is used

This information must be recorded and held onto for a minimum of 30 years. Of course, if you want to keep MSDSs, that is great! These sheets are accepted as a form of record. Honestly, this may be the easiest way to follow OSHA regulations. You may even want to consider purchasing a good electronic MSDS management tool. This is an easy way to make sure you are in compliance with OSHA standards. To learn more, please check out the OSHA website, here.

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