The Importance of Umbrella Insurance on Your Garage Insurance Policy

Is your auto body and repair shop under an umbrella yet? Let’s face it: When you own an auto repair business, the chances of an accident or injury are pretty high! Liability issues are everywhere—in and outside your shop. Garage insurance representatives at Wolpert Insurance understand. These risks must be managed and included within your program of insurance when appropriate. This is why one of the many things we stress is the importance of an umbrella insurance policy on your garage insurance plan.

Many of you may be wondering: What is umbrella insurance, exactly?

It is a policy that protects your business from liability claims at a limit above the liability limits of your qualifying and underlying garage insurance. It is called umbrella insurance for a reason! It may help to shield your business from a financial storm, perhaps by protecting you even when your liability insurance is exhausted.

We already know what you are thinking next: What does umbrella insurance cover?

It can cover a variety of liability situations, and could add a layer of protection for bodily injuries on your shop’s property to those occurring in an auto accident. In the auto repair business, we believe you should consider umbrella insurance to help protect what you have built.

Whether you are located in Massachusetts or the New England area, we encourage you to visit us at Wolpert Insurance. Our agents write many businesses in this niche industry, and we believe we have the solutions for your shop. To learn more about umbrella and excess liability insurance policies, please call 800-299-6819. We look forward to hearing from you!