Renting & Loaning Vehicles to Your Garage Customers

Your main goal as a garage keeper is to help your customers solve their auto problems. However, are you a business that goes above and beyond for your community?

At Wolpert Insurance, we understand that as an independent repair facility, it’s likely that you are deeply rooted within your community. This attribute gives your business a special kind of personal touch, generating feelings of trust and comfort with your customers. Independent shops are convenient because they can turn a repair around faster than a dealership. In addition, shops like yours want to develop relationships with their customers and will usually keep thorough records of a vehicle’s repair history as well as allow the opportunity for a client to rent a garage-owned vehicle during a period of repairs.

Does your garage operate in this fashion? If so, then you know your customers are your number one priority and their safety means everything. If you rent and loan vehicles to your garage customers, there are some precautions you should follow.

By having the client sign a loaner or short-term rental agreement when loaning a vehicle, you can avoid financial implications in the event of an accident. If you don’t take this step, the customer’s insurance could take a hit. If a form is not signed, and the car is involved in an accident, the client’s insurance may not cover damage and instead, you may be held liable.

In order to avoid your garage insurance policy becoming primary, in response to any accident claims on a vehicle that is loaned, it is recommended that a formal form of loaner or short-term rental agreement be completed and authorized. Since you face unique risks as an auto repair business, you need protection you can trust. So call one of our specialists at Wolpert Insurance today to learn more about our affordable garage insurance program!