Self-Auditing the Safety Regulations at Your Garage

When it comes to operating a garage or auto body shop, it’s important that you remain focused on the health and safety of those around you. Your require a skilled workforce, so placing your staff in danger, due to inefficient safety regulations could cause a number of issues, all of which may affect your shop’s profitability. Not to mention that a mechanical fire could wipe out thousands of dollars in inventory as well as your venue as a whole.

Of course, securing a specialized garage insurance package can help you to safeguard your business against a variety of risks – providing coverage for commercial property, commercial vehicles, general liability and workers compensation – but combine that with the ability to self-audit your current health and safety policies and you are well on your way to proactively protecting your business.

As your trusted leader in commercial insurance solutions, specifically for garage owners, Wolpert Insurance has compiled a list of helpful tips you can employ when reviewing the policies and procedures needed at your venue. The following is just a portion of the self-auditing checklist you can use to evaluate the health and safety regulations at your garage or auto body shop:

A. General Walk-Through of Site

Materials and Waste Storage Management

Flammable and hazardous materials should be stored in containers approved either by the U.S. Department of Transportation or the State Fire Marshall
All employees are trained how to use a fire extinguisher, all fire extinguishers are clearly marked and labeled
Smoking is permitted where repair work is done and only allowed in designated areas
Electrical outlets all have cover plates, no wiring is exposed, frayed or damaged
Floor drains are connected to the sewer, there are no cracks in the floor that could allow leakage
Lifts have operational safety locks, are tested and inspected monthly
There are no illegal furnaces or space heaters in use
B. General Health & Safety

The shop has written contingency plans for fire prevention, emergency response, spill control etc.
No food is consumed in the repair area
Eye wash and shower stations are available where chemicals and acids are used, each provide 15 minutes of continuous flush
Employees are trained in chemical hazards, safety and emergency preparedness
Ensuring that everyone is on the same page is critical to the success of your onsite health and safety regulations. As the shop owner, anytime that you adjust or revise health and safety procedures, be sure to communicate effectively to your staff.

Overall, it’s crucial that as a garage owner you protect your business by making health and safety risks a top concern. At Wolpert Insurance, we offer a unique variety of safety, compliance, and risk management tools to enable you to run your business safer and be more profitable. Interested in learning more about our garage insurance coverage? Contact Wolpert Insurance today for a free commercial insurance quote!