OSHA Standards Part III: Dermal Exposure

Over the past two weeks, we have discussed OSHA standards and how the proper precautions and procedures can help eliminate risks in the workplace. As the owner of an auto body and repair shop, it is crucial for you to be aware of these standards and ways to decrease medical and health risk. Having garage insurance and workers compensation will only go so far when protecting your employeLast week, we discussed the risks associated with welding, cutting and brazing. This week, we want to take a closer look into chemical exposure and how it can affect you skin. According to the United States Department of Labor, “the number of cases and the rate of skin disease in the US exceed recordable respiratory illnesses.” In 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded 34,400 skin diseases.
While this issue may seem like an impossible feat, it is actually fairly easy to control and prevent dermal exposure in your workshop. Here are a few prevention tips to keep in mind:
• If possible, change the chemicals that you use. While you may be using a harsh chemical for a specific job, there may be a safer product that will get the same job done. Research!
• In order to avoid splashing or immersion, it may be a good idea to re-evaluate and re-deign the work process.
• Chemical protective gloves, an apron, goggles and other protective clothing and gear should be worn at all times.
• Find a pair of gloves that are best suited for the specific chemical that you are working with. Factors to consider: type of chemical, frequent and duration of chemical contact, nature of contact, concentration of chemical, temperature of chemical, grip requirements, thermal protection, glove features and much more.
The next time you are working with a chemical, remember these tips. Chances are, both you and your employees in the auto body and repair shop are using chemicals on a daily basis. Having the proper protection should keep your skin safe from harm.
Having protection for your business is important in all areas, not only when it comes to chemicals! Allow us at Wolpert Insurance to cover your shop with garage insurance. This policy is specifically designed to cater to the unique issues your shop faces each day; from auto insurance to discounted workers compensation. Better safe than sorry in such a risky work environment!