Color Matching in your Repair Shop: Before You Tint

As a professional in the world of auto body and
repairing, you know how important it is to master the art of color
matching. If a damaged vehicle comes into your shop, there is no doubt
you are going to have to mix up some paint and tint to find the exact
color. If it isn’t exact, your customers will assume you are sloppy and
may take their business elsewhere. Now, we may be your go-to garage insurance experts, but we also know a thing or two about technique!

Let’s face it: tinting is difficult. If you or your employees do not have a good understanding of color, you may find a lot of mismatching in your shop. Luckily, we have a few tips to offer that may help you perfect your tinting technique. Before tinting:
• Confirm the OEM code. If the OEM color code is misread, guessed or chosen incorrectly, the color is going to be mismatched. Accuracy is important; always double check.
• Measuring and mixing. The wrong measurement can mean a huge difference in color.
• Choose the correct reducer. You may opt for a reducer that quickens the repair process but different reducers will affect the color. It is important to understand the reducer you are working with.
• Mind your spray technique. The proper gun set-up, gun angles, air pressure, distance and overlap are critical for a near-perfect color match.
• Make a spray-out panel. While a spray-out panel is not used for all jobs, it may be a good idea to use it if you have doubts. Just make sure you are doing the exact same procedures to both the panel and the vehicle.
• Check your sight. Are you aware that about 25% of males have difficulty with color vision? A quick online test may be all you need to figure out if you are a part of that 25%.
Keeping these techniques in mind may result in a much better match. Once you have your color, it is time to blend and tint! Be sure to come back next week for another step-by-step guide to finish off the job.
At Wolpert Insurance, we want to see your auto body and repair shop succeed in every aspect of the business; from stellar service to nearly perfect color matching. We also want to make sure you are properly protected. With our reliable garage insurance, auto body shop owners will not have to worry about the worst case scenario. We offer protection for the vehicles, your employees and property. Do not hesitate to grab a free quote today!