OSHA Hazards : Walking/Working Surfaces

As a garage and body shop owner, you know that the risks on the job are endless. While you may assume tools, machinery and chemicals are the only cause for concern, you are mistaken. Did you know that slips, trips and falls constitute for the majority of general industry accidents? According to the OSHA website, these types of accidents “cause 15% of all accidental deaths and are second only to motor vehicles as a cause of fatalities.” Wow!
Luckily, your garage insurance policy includes workers compensation for any accidents or injuries on the job site, but it is still best to avoid this type of mishap. Here are a few solutions that OSHA suggests:

• Keep walkways and stairs clear of scraps and debris;

• Coil up extension cords, lines and hoses when they are not in use;

• Make sure all tools are placed in their proper place to avoid tripping;

• Keep electrical wires out of the way;

• Use salt and sand for safety when the surface is slippery;

• Grease, oil or paint spill? Clean it up immediately;

• ALWAYS put up a “Caution” sign or cones around a slippery or wet area;

Your garage should always be safe for your workers, no matter what type of job they are working on! The last thing you need is a simple slip and fall to put one of your mechanics out of work.

If this situation should happen to you, at least you have workers compensation to fall back on. At Wolpert Insurance, we have designed a unique garage insurance program that addresses each unique risk that your business faces on a daily basis. From garage liability coverage to workers comp, we will have you covered!