Go Green in Your Auto Body Shop for Earth Day!

As you may know, yesterday was Earth Day! Many Americans may have decided to pass on driving for the day or may have helped clean-up litter in their community. While we have one day designated to going green, that does not mean we should forget about it entirely until next year.

Have you ever considered going green in your auto body shop? Many business owners are making the switch, whether they are changing the products they use or recycling. Making your products and services more environmentally friendly, safe for consumers and cost-effective will benefit your business, from bringing in more customers to possibly benefiting your garage insurance premium.
So where do you start? Here are a few pointers:
• Each time you paint a vehicle, the environment is impacted. Make the switch from toxic Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint to waterborne paint. Waterborne paint is environmentally friendly for the simple fact that it is NOT a solvent. It reduces VOC emissions during application, the risk of fire and it is easier to clean-up. It’s a win/win!
• Opt for biodegradable cleaners in your shop.
• Recycle oil and fluids whenever you can (oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, etc.)
• You can do something as simple as changing the light bulbs in your shop. Choose compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs to save energy.
So what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to start going green in your shop! Once you have done so, be sure to check in with us over at Wolpert Insurance. We would be happy to discuss your premium or protect your green auto body shop with our comprehensive garage insurance program. Come on over and grab a free quote!