Material Safety Data Sheets 101

As an employer in the auto shop and garage industry, it is important that you are 100% aware of the best practices to prevent injuries and accidents on the job. One of your most important duties of all is to always be on top of reviewing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) with employees.

What are Material Safety Data Sheets?

MSDSs are forms that discuss a specific product/chemical, informing individuals of its health hazards as well as proactive measures that are recommended by the product manufacturer.

Should I keep these sheets or toss them?

It is important for employers to keep these sheets organized and readily accessible on the job. If you receive a new product in the shop, make it a point to go over the sheet with your employees in order to relay ALL safety information and precautions. Many of the products in your shop can cause a number of health issues, from blindness to asthma. By reading these sheets WITH your employees, front to back, everyone will be aware of the risks and the preventative measures that must be taken.

It is important that you also keep up with these forms and file them away in a safe place. In the event that a chemical or product has an updated MSDS, be prepared to relay the information to your workers and then replace the old sheet with an updated one.

What do I do if a product arrives without an MSDS?

It is best to place the product in a holding area. DO NOT USE IT! Contact the manufacturer and let them know that you will not accept the delivery until there is an MSDS attached to it. This will not only keep your employees feeling secure, but will prove to your supplier that you insist on being informed. This is a great reputation to hold.

MSDSs are very important in the auto shop and garage business. At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure you have a full understanding of WHY they are important. Any questions or concerns you may have, you can always contact our agency.

It is our priority to keep both you and your employees protected – and your garage insurance premium low! The fewer claims that are made on your insurance, the lower your premium will remain. For more information, contact us today.