Garage Insurance Broadened Coverage 101

At Wolpert Insurance, it is our #1 goal to provide auto body and repair shop owners with the right coverage for their garage. We take the time to assess all risks in order to provide a solid garage insurance policy. However, not all garage insurance policies are created equal. This week, let’s talk about CA 25 14 – Broadened Coverage for Garages.

If you are looking for coverage that combines premises liability, products and completed operations liability with auto coverage, a simple Garage Coverage Form will do the job. However, depending on your business, you may be in need of more protection. The CA 25 14 – Broadened Coverage for Garages adds the following coverage to a Garage Cover Form, in order to close most gaps:

•    Additional Persons Insured
•    Automatic Liability Coverage (for Newly Acquired Garage Business / 90 days)
•    Damage to Rented Premises
•    Host Liquor Liability
•    Incidental Medical Malpractice Liability
•    Limited Worldwide Liability
•    Non-Owned Watercraft
•    Personal and Advertising Injury Liability

Remember: This endorsement applies ONLY to garage activities and NOT to liability involving ownership, maintenance, or use of any covered vehicles.

For more information on the CA 25 14 – Broadened Coverage for Garages, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experts at Wolpert Insurance. Our agents are experienced in both insurance and the garage industry. We are committed to pinpointing the risks that pose a threat to your business and will match you up with a comprehensive and affordable garage insurance policy. Please call 800-299-6819 for a free quote, today!