A Risk Management Process for Your Auto Body Shop, Part 2

We’re back, just like we’ve promised! Last week, we discussed the first half of a strong risk management process  for your auto body shop. In that blog we discussed how to identify, assess and evaluate exposures in the workplace. We know that you have been eagerly awaiting the last two steps. We hope that your guesses were spot on!

This week, we have the remainder of the list. Let’s kick things off at number four:

#4: Control. For those risks that could not be avoided, how can you control the risks in your shop? There are plenty of ways, including: Improved safety features (cameras, fences, extra lighting, locks, etc.), new procedures and policies, safety guidelines, extra training, and more. Also, an effective means of control is to put a safety team in place that will help create procedures and training of employees in the workplace. Finally, set a goal for your business and consider whether the achievement of that goal will carry along with it a safety bonus for the company or that particular department.

#5: Monitor. And now, you monitor. If you and the safety committee continue to monitor what you have already done, you can ensure that all is going as smooth as possible. This would include the review of all incidents in the shop to determine what changes, if any, need to be made to avoid or mitigate the incident from happening again. This is the secret to an effective risk management plan! As long as you continually assess your plan, you may be able to make the appropriate changes or take the right action to avoid any deficiencies or loop holes.

…Did you guess the last two correctly? We sure hope so!

Now, do you know what the best part about this list is? Our agents at Wolpert Insurance are here to help you with it! We do not want to see you struggle to manage your risks properly—we want to help keep your business in the clear. By speaking with our garage insurance agents, you will soon see how easy it is to identify and monitor the risks in your shop—and everything in between.

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