Hazards in the Workplace: Lead Dust and Fumes

Welcome back to our discussion of hazards in the garage workplace! Last week, we discussed how solvents and diesel exhaust fumes could negatively impact your employees’ health in the short-term AND long-term. This week, we are here to discuss the hazards of lead dust and fumes, and what it could mean for your employees’ health if they are exposed without the proper protection.

There are a few leading culprits when it comes to chronic and lead poisoning, including specific paints, lubricants, batteries and the likes. Lead dust and fumes can lead to:

  •  Lead poisoning: This may hinder the body’s neurological development. Inhaled lead may end up staying in an individual’s lungs, resulting in negative long-term health effects. Symptoms for lead poisoning may include abdominal pain, muscle pain, appetite loss, constipation and even depression. If you notice that an employee is facing these symptoms, it is his or her cue to have a doctor assess the situation. If he or she is not diagnosed early on, it could be too late.
  •  Chronic poisoning: This may affect areas such as neuromuscular, gastrointestinal and neurological. Symptoms and signs may include short-term memory loss, depress, numbness, and loss of coordination. If an employee noticed a blue line along his or her gums, this may be a visible long-term effect.

As you can see, these hazards in the workplace can pose a serious risk to employee health and safety.

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